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Little Loloz...
Not A Day Goes By When I Don't Think Of You
There's a little child inside us all... mine is shown on the outside... I'm a big kid and I have no reason to grow up
Apr. 9th, 2007 @ 07:59 pm Hey Kids!!!!!!!!
A Little Fall Of Rain...
Current Location: Ponte!
past the point of no return: sickill
sing my angel of music: Beautiful South
It seems like ages since I last really updated so here we go!

Bren left for OZ on nov 1st and since then we've tried to make it work. However, we broke up a few weeks back. He doesn't love me anymore and is having too much time shagging about basically. The wonderful guy he is! He never really contacted me much at all, not even on christmas day, valentines etc. What a farce! It's hard to ahte someone you still love a little isnt it? However, that amount gets smaller every day :D

On a positive note, Ive been on a date since :D :D :D whooooooooooooooooooooooot! Hehe! Went well and i'm hoping that at some point i'll see him again. Also, nearly finished my first year of uni! It's flown past i tell thee.

Some songs which the lyrics symbolise somethings atm:

Like I Never Loved You At All
Sometimes when We Touch
I Need A Little Time

Chou for now

Oct. 31st, 2006 @ 12:27 pm What////
A Little Fall Of Rain...
Current Location: R660
past the point of no return: thoughtfulthoughtful
sing my angel of music: The c35c25ng 6f 0y sh5tty 2eys
What the he33 5s 4- w5th 0y 2eyb6ard/ 5t's dr5v5ng 0e crazy and 5 d6nt 2n6w h6w t6 st6- 5t!

These 2eys w6r2+


and the rest c60e 4- as...



can any6ne he3- 0e/ 5 cant g66g3e 6r anyth5ng +


34v 0e

Oct. 4th, 2006 @ 08:42 pm What A Fucking Mess
A Little Fall Of Rain...
Current Location: My Room
past the point of no return: moodyMeh
sing my angel of music: Bill Bailey
I'm loving uni so much but everything is such a mess. Bren leaves in less then a month and i know it's gonna kill me cos it's getting worse and worse. My feelings are such a mess and no one seems to understand.

My flat mates are great though. Still missing my friends but these lot love me to pieces too. Which makes it so much easier, just they dont quite understand.

Missing you all


Aug. 29th, 2006 @ 10:24 am ...
A Little Fall Of Rain...
Current Location: ...
past the point of no return: saddeeply hurt
sing my angel of music: ...
Aug. 22nd, 2006 @ 11:32 am Library
A Little Fall Of Rain...
Current Location: Ponte Library
past the point of no return: lovedloved
sing my angel of music: snow patrol
OMG! How long is it since i updated this beast? Well a lot has changed. Im dating bren for a start lol and ive got into huddersfield uni

I'll update properly later

Jun. 1st, 2006 @ 06:31 pm New Month
A Little Fall Of Rain...
past the point of no return: geekygeeky
sing my angel of music: Look North :P
Rach -
[noun]: A dance involving little to no clothing

Rachel -
[noun]:A person of questionable sanity who starts their own cult

How true are they of moi? What's been going on then? Ive worked constantly and tried to slip in revision at other times.

HOW GOOD WAS THE PROM???!!! As soon as a get a picci i'll put it up here so u can see my prom dress seen as though a lot of u guys weren't there (esp u American folk hehe)

Can't wait to finish exams and spend more time wi ppl. Booking my hol soon whoot! So excited

Hope your all ok


Luv me

May. 30th, 2006 @ 06:48 pm A Little Thought...
A Little Fall Of Rain...
Les Mis
past the point of no return: moroseMuddled
sing my angel of music: Carpenters - Top Of The World
Type one word, with no explanations...

1. Yourself:

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend:

3. Your hair:

4. Your Mother:
Purply :P

5. Your Father:
Blondey :P

6. Your Favorite Item:

7. Your dream last night:

8. Your Favorite Drink:
Malabu-vodka-archers :P

9. Your Dream Home:

10. The Room You Are In:

11. Your Happiest moment:

12. Your fear:

13. What you Want to be in Ten Years?

14. Who you hung out with last night?

15. What You're Not:

16. Your Best Friend:

17. One of Your Wish List Item:

18. Your Gender:

19. The Last Thing You Did:

20. What You Are Wearing:

21. Your Favorite Weather:

22. Your Favorite Book:

23. The Last Thing You Ate:
Fruit Flakes

24. Your Life:

25. Dear Diary, Mood: (The Question was actually "My Mood")

27. What, Where, Why:
May. 25th, 2006 @ 09:22 pm WTF?
A Little Fall Of Rain...
past the point of no return: grumpygrrrrrrrrrr
sing my angel of music: Father Ted
Why do i fewel like i have to do things to get along with people? It feels like some people just want to manipulate me into doing things i dont wanna. It doesnt apply to anyone who'll read this but some of you will know the people im talking about.

It's really annoying me and i wont enjoy the prom, leaving and the summer at this rate


Love YOU all

May. 19th, 2006 @ 10:11 pm Life Is Just A Walk In The Park
A Little Fall Of Rain...
past the point of no return: happyhappy
sing my angel of music: Don't Wanna Miss A Thing
What a strange wk! Can't believe it's the end of the penultimate week of college... one week to go people. Got prom a week today and still need my shoes (though i have found the perfect pair as long as i dont die walking in them lol!) and a bag... and i want some new underwear just cos i want some lol. Going shopping tomorrow so i should get it sorted. Need to decide hair though... thinking going for down, part of it up, and curly.

What else has been going on? Had the arch mock yesterday and it seemed ok... hopefully fingers crossed. Things have been looking up on all sides so im happy. Just been a bit tired and icky o well!

Hope everyone's ok i know i am :D

Love ya

May. 12th, 2006 @ 08:29 pm Cat In A Bag, Waiting To Drown
A Little Fall Of Rain...
past the point of no return: happyhappy
sing my angel of music: Lucky Man- Verve
I cant quite believe today. After coming in from the rain, i made bren do the essay for arch n i was well upset about the whole nat thing and just wanted to cry.  He said im gonna talk to nat... i aint having it upset ya, i care about u too much. I said he didnt have to cos i knew damn well he didnt want to at all. It was the last thing he wanted to do... she should have done it first. Then he went "i can see liz im gonna find out where nat is"

He was gone ages and it got to time to go to class so i took his bag out to him with claire and helen steer to find him and give him it. But he wasnt there. So i took it back to the common room and headed to arch. However, going to arch, who do i pass? Both nat and bren. Nat was proper shouting at bren about something as they headed to the common room. Bren just sorted of patted me and rolled his eyes as he went past. I felt so guilty... it was my fault! I walked in and steve asked where bren was and Helen said being shouted at! Lol! Steve was like what's going on? He asked me if I was ok and i gave him Bren's essay and said its a long story. The Bren comes in and steve was like have u been annoying someone again? Bren told me that he'd tried n wished it had got better. He sortyed of shortened everything down and i said tell me everything after.

We went to the park together to sit in the sort of the sun on the sort of wet grass. He told me what had been said and explained it all... some of the stuff was well harsh! heyBy the end of it all, nat said that he was selfish and only looked out for himself! I think that's terrible after everything he's done for Nat. He really went off on one after that (I don't blame him really). He basically said... "care about myself that's so wrong i care about rach that's the only bloody reason im talking to you cos i care about her feelings... fuck off". He walked off and that was it. Found out later in the common room that mark had heard them arguing and stuff. And Nat had come in mad and raving about him.


Had a pigeon incident on the way home after talking to the cake guys and getting free buns (whoop!). There was a pigeon with a broken wing which we ended up talking to the vets in a boot bag... think he was put to sleep :(

RIP Percy the Pigeon

But im happy!

Love ya